Scrum Workshop Powerpoint

Do you want to learn Scrum in only 5 minutes? Don’t miss our great Scrum Workshop file. It’s totally free and we let you the source file if you want to modify it to add your own comment or text.

Our guide for dummies is perfect to refresh your concepts about Scrum or take a look if you want to start with this great framework. What is Scrum, Events (including Daily Events, Sprint Planning, or Review/Retrospective meetings), artifacts, Scrum Teams… in just a few slides for you.

Where can I download the Scrum Workshop?

You can download the workshop in this link. It’s in PDF format and is perfect to show you on any classroom, course or initialization to Scrum.

Download PDF slideshow

If you prefer get the Microsoft Powerpoint file for modifying whatever you want, we have a surprise for you: the original file here in this link.

Download PPT slideshow

Remember you always can do more tests to improve your knowledge about Scrum in our simulator or visit our Resources page in order to get more information regarding this excelent framework. Good luck, my friend and enjoy the slideshow!

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