Scrum Retrospective Templates

We have compiled for you some retrospective templates in order to get easier meetings after your sprints. Take a look a use if you have no ideas for conducting this kind of meetings. It’s totally free! Read more

Recommended Agile Reading

In addition to the Scrum Guide, the following books are recommended by for PSM I exam preparation. They are also excellent resources to develop a better understanding of Agile. Clicking on the book will bring you to the book page. Read more

New Scrum Guide 2020 Presentation

Lovers of agile methodologies are lucky. Very soon we will have a new scrum guide, for its 25th birthday.

Not any framework gets to be a quarter century old, just the bests. In this case their creators, Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwabe are going to organise this month an online event. Read more