New Scrum Guide 2020 Presentation

Lovers of agile methodologies are lucky. Very soon we will have a new scrum guide, for its 25th birthday.

Not any framework gets to be a quarter century old, just the bests. In this case their creators, Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwabe are going to organise this month an online event.

Presentation of the new scrum guide

This online event will take place on the coming 18th of November. It will last around 3 hours and will be broadcasted via Zoom, one of the most used apps today ‘cos the lockdown.

The latest updates of the new scrum guide, which has been even more simplified in order to get it more open and less prescriptive, will be there presented. The aim is to really become a reference framework, not to be used as a methodology of project management.

Hereunder, a few brief words of thanks from Dave West, CEO of, and after the video, the link to the event.

To be able to assist to the online event and watch the presentation of the new scrum guide, you will only need to fill out your information (name and e-mail address) on this link of the official site Scrum. Remember it is free of charge.

We will not miss it, as we love this framework and want to be updated. Ready to join us?

Scrum Guide 2020 Launch Event

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