You can pay PSM (I) Professional Scrum Master Exam Simulator using Paypal through a fully secure and certified platform. Please notice that you can pay with this method in spite of not having a PayPal account.

No, you need to buy it directly from Scrum.org. The current price is $ 150.

They are not exactly the same, but they are similar and, or course, have the same look & feel and level of difficulty.

The PSM Exam Simulator is totally online and compatible with all major modern browsers and devices. You don’t need to install anything.

Well, it would help somewhat, but please consider it won’t cover many of the PSM II topics.

While there’s no way we can claim that 100% of topics and all their variations are covered, we’ve tried to cover as much as possible, and we can safely say that the large majority of them are well covered.

Yes, you can take as many simulated exams as you want, for 30 days (basic plan) or 90 days if you choose the professional plan, after your purchase.

If you want to renew your license, please add to the cart a new one.

To make sure that you’ve seen all types of question and you’re enough familiar with the kind of the exam and the way you can manage your time, we suggest taking at least 30 simulated exams. Our recommendation for you is always keep all the questions in your mind, no matter whatever it takes.

Not enough and not at all :)

Firstly, there are certain topics in the exam that don’t feature in the Scrum Guide, and secondly, some of topics in the Scrum Guide have a very specific interpretation in the PSM I exam which is not obvious; for example, if you read the Scrum Guide, you will get the impression that there should be only one “Definition of Done” when there are multiple teams in the project, which this is not considered the right answer in the PSM I Exam Simulator.

Yes. We’ve tried to create a user interface that is very usable on all kind of devices.

We offer limited coaching with the Professional plan. You can contact with me at jomavazquez@yahoo.es to get help about a specific question.